Ever heard of a COVID sailboat?

Many people got a COVID puppy, but what about a COVID sailboat?

You might know the feeling. You’re sitting on hours of Zoom calls from your newly setup home office wondering, wow, what can I do now that I don’t have to commute every day? 

A little later, Zoom fatigue sets in and your mind starts to drift to your favorite things, ours is sailing. This pattern repeats the next day and you go one step further and begin surfing the web for boats. Then you get bold and start spamming your business partner (aka wife) with boats for sale, hoping she’ll catch the bug.  Going a bit overboard, you send one too many text / emails and your business partners turns into your schoolteacher and tells you to get back to work :( 

But you can’t get the idea out of your head, so you take another tack and print out the boat ads. To your surprise over lunch, she says “this one looks good, did you watch the video tour?’

What! Am I dreaming?

Quickly, afraid that this is really a dream and you’ll wake up, you show her the entire proforma that you’ve noodled together to charter the boat. You hear a laugh and hold your breath…

Then playfully, she reminds you of the “courageous risks” blog post she ran a few years ago and says, let’s do it!

Flash forward to today, the boat is in the slip, the new company is formed and we’re doing our own ⭐preneur jumpstart program to launch our new business, Blue Navigation. Our vision (of course we have a vision, do you know Judi?), is to “Share the beauty and adventure of sailing the Channel Islands”

Wow! Now, we’re living our dream.

If you’re curious and want to watch our start-up grow, you can check out our website at www.bluenavigation.net. Don’t worry, we’ll still keep our day jobs at Blue Arroyo Partners and be happy to help you guide your vision to life.




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