A new focus

Many are selling the newest post COVID thing or technology, but how do you determine your needs and the impact to your business strategy?

The post pandemic world will present challenges and opportunities for change. What’s the best way to move forward?

Sorting out the technology and facilities impact on your customers and workforce in the fog of the pandemic is tricky. The pandemic has increased the complexity of change management. We are all juggling three change vectors: 

  1. Change unique to the pandemic
  2. Change accelerated by the pandemic
  3. Change that was already happening

The toolset to manage these change vectors has been dramatically altered due to the pandemic’s impact on travel, mental fatigue and the loss of in-person collaboration. Here are a couple of tips to we’ve found to navigate through this:

  1. Keep the watch – the situation is still evolving even though it’s been over a year, be observant of challenges and opportunities.

  2. Communicate more – after long isolation, it is becoming harder to reach out and connect. Make more time to talk to your customers to find out how this is impacting them to help you identify the “main things”.

  3. Do less – identify things that don’t need to be done right now so you have space to focus on the main things and take care of the health of your people and organization.

  4. Ain’t broke, don’t fix it – resist the urge to change things that are working for you just because other people are doing it.

  5. Financial Fitness – keep a focus on the finances, with all the chaos, it’s easy to lose track of the unforeseen expenses and their impact on cash flow or your balance sheet.

“We are all navigating this new normal together. As we lock arms virtually and try to help one another in the ways we can, our vast world suddenly feels a little smaller and a lot more connected. And for that, we are grateful.” ~ Michael Dell

Our new focus at Blue Arroyo Partners is on technology and facilities blueprints to help you align with your customers and workforce going forward to create momentum for the future. We’ll keep you posted on our tips and progress.


Judi & Jim

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