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 GuidingPrinciples.pngBlue Arroyo Partners is a boutique management consulting firm that helps owners and entrepreneurs operationalize their strategic vision as evident in our motto "guiding the things that bring vision to life". Blue Arroyo Partners was created in 2012 when the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) needed help turning around the troubled $6 billion dollar "BuildLACCD" construction program. 

Our founders, Jim and Judi Cowell, were excited about the opportunity to serve the people of Los Angeles and make sure that their hard-earned tax dollars where put to good use delivering on the promise of new opportunities for education and employment. Five years later, Blue Arroyo Partners continues to serve business owners, directors, program managers, presidents and CEOs who want to see their visions come to life with sound business practices and culture that supports a healthy work/life mix.


As a family with a strong naval tradition, service has always been a core value for Jim and Judi Cowell, so it should be no surprise that they jumped at the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experience in the fields of organizational management, business development, and strategic planning. Working with small to medium sized companies Blue Arroyo Partners leverages the our decades of business and engineering experience to provide the best in executive coaching, program execution, process optimization, change management, and much more to some of the best and brightest executives and entrepreneurs in the Los Angeles area. Blue Arroyo Partners brings the effective leadership, management and operational techniques learned from our experience at world class organizations like Hewlett-Packard, Warner Bros., and the U.S. Navy and makes them relevant for companies with 1 to 500 employees in the form of streamlined Blue Arroyo "blueprints". 

We provide guidance for:

  • Facilities and construction executives who need assistance in managing the complexities of creating and maintaining facilities strategic to their business, in addition to incorporating new building and facilities information systems into their facilities management strategy.
  • Technology companies who need help bring their idea to market. We build programs for companies to launch new technologies and products into the market. 
  • Entrepreneurs who need help wading through the chaos of starting a new business and lead them towards creating a practical process to juggle life, daily business operations, and strategic planning for a sustainable business; all while maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle.

In the nine years since its creation Blue Arroyo Partners has helped dozens of entrepreneurs, technology companies, and facilities managers move from areas of distress and chaos in to new realms of success and happiness. We take a holistic approach to organizational management making sure to never forget that people within an organization, and their happiness, is just as important as the industry leading business strategy and processes that we practice on a daily basis to deliver world class customer experiences.

Our goal is to create a Blue Arroyo community that is passionate about their vision and compassionate to each other. That’s what “guiding the things that bring vision to life” will always mean to us.




Judi Cowell, PE, PMP has over 40 years of strategic planning, sales, engineering, operations and project management experience, specializing in information technologies, process automation, and software development.  Throughout her 29-year career at Hewlett-Packard she managed a wide range of pilot projects that required innovative solutions, including systematically designing programs that launched new products and services into emerging markets.   She leveraged her expertise in managing large programs as Director of Digital Media Operations and Customer Service at Warner Bros., in which she led and grew the digital entertainment services from inception to full scale operations.   As the co-founder and president of Blue Arroyo, she has worked with clients to develop strategic plans and key performance indexes to guide implementation.





Jim Cowell, PE, LEED AP has over 40 years experience in construction management and facilities engineering.  In the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, he was responsible for leading large organizations with an owners perspective in large-scale construction projects, facilities operations, and organizational performance.  Under his leadership as Director of Construction, the LAUSD $12 billion new school construction program was on track to build 130 new schools throughout the District by 2012.  As the co-founder of Blue Arroyo he has worked with consultants and clients to derive key performance indexes and cost analytics, providing solutions to guide future development in accordance with budgets and timelines.




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